Rough Cut - Full catalogue

A Selection of Black and White Landscape and Portrait Images taken through the length of Namibia....

There was not a cloud in the azure blue sky.

The mirage was velcroed to the horizon, an ever-present yet ever distant oasis.

I was back on the B3, the 180km main drag that leads from Grünau through to Nakop and the border post between Namibia and South Africa. My trusted driving companion Mr. Johnny Cash was droning out the lyrics…. “Don’t take your guns to town son”… but I already had.

During the course of the previous three weeks I had shot my way through the length of Namibia. From the old mission station site of Keetmanshoop, through the world’s oldest desert (the Namib), up into the desolation of the Skeleton Coast and on into Opuwo - the bustling heartbeat of the arid and rugged Kaokoland region in the Northwest of a country that is full of ghosts and wild horses.

I had tackled the monstrous red iron oxide dunes of Sossusvlei, clambered my way over the granite boulders of Spitzkoppe and been consumed by the surreal ‘Moon Landscape’ outside of the ‘silhouette in the fog’ town of Swakopmund. I had conversed with a cacophonous colony of seals at Cape Cross and gone hunting for death and decay along the Skeleton Coast…

A sack of maize meal, a couple litres of cooking oil and a few bags of sugar sweetened my stay with the semi-nomadic Himba of the North and after 20 days on the road my list of essentials was not that much different… water, wood, coffee, a tub of peanut butter and an acute knowledge of the distance to the next diesel pump.

I had been awe struck by Namibia’s beauty, enveloped by its vastness and humbled by its people. Although often described as the “Gem of Africa” I would also call it the “Bodybuilder of Africa”. Its BIG, the landscape is extreme and seemingly on steroids and it’s a country you just don’t mess with.

So Mr Cash, I’m glad I took them guns to town, but do you have any advise on how to sweet talk border officials if you’ve overstayed your welcome by a few days?

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