ORIGINAL ARCHIVAL PAPER PRINTS Limited Edition, Hand Signed & Embossed.


ORIGINAL ARCHIVAL PAPER PRINTS Limited Edition, Hand Signed & Embossed.


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90 x 63cm Print

Image & white border = 90 x 63cm - Printed Image = 81 x 54cm

159 x 110cm Print

Only select OMO, ASANTE SANE & TURKANA images available

Image & white border = 159 x 110cm – Printed Image = 143 x 95.5cm

Tecco PM230 Matt (230 g/m2)

A matt coated clean white photo paper. Strong vivid colours/tones guarantee a high quality appearance that is reliable and long lasting, even under extreme conditions. This paper is ideal for black and white photography.

FibaPrint White Matte (280 g/m2) IFA 39

High white fourdrinier aqueous inkjet art paper with ultra smooth matte coating. The fibre base combined with a smooth matte surface allows the paper to maintain excellent sharp detail and an enhanced tonal range

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N.B. The above mentioned sizes and mediums Do Not apply to any works that fall under the ’SHIFT’ collection. Details of each of these Limited Archival Paper Prints are provided on request.

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